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NewsReactor is a tool to download binaries from usenet newsgroups. NewsReactor scans, combines and downloads files from selected newsgroups.

This program is shareware. You can try NewsReactor 50 times. You can register NewsReactor to get the full version. NewsReactor is an application that will download files from newsgroups.

Here are some key features of NewsReactor:
· Simple userinterface.
· Highspeed multithreading downloading with low level socket technology.
· Advanced error correction on a message part based algorithm. This ensures (almost) no incomplete parts.
· Built in smart UU, Base64 and yEnc decoding with error correction.
· Selecting up to four active threads.
· Multiple server scanning and combining.
· Incremental scanning (only scanning of new articles).
· Adjustable download speed to give other applications bandwidth.
· Selectable download directories for each newsgroup.
· Responsive Pause and Stop processing.
· Shows download speed.
· Filters (with regular expressions).
· Find messages.
· View messages.
· Post messages and replies.
· More and more features every new release!

· Nag screen
· 50 uses trial

Download NewsReactor for Windows

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