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Trial – Ralph Brooks – Windows

News File Grabber is a powerful and high efficient Newsreader software, which lets you easily download all kinds of binary files from the Newsgroups on the USENET.

This Newsreader supports many coding schemes, including yEnc, and it can combine multi-part articles automatically (also from multiple servers) to extract the attachments. News File Grabber remembers the articles you already have downloaded and extracted, so you can restart the download whenever you want.

Here are some key features of News File Grabber:
· Supports multiple servers with multiple download-threads simultaneously and secure server connections (SSL).
· Parts belonging together will be combined automatically – also across multiple newsgroups and servers!
· Full support of NZB-files integrated. A double click on an NZB-file will start News File Grabber.
· RAR-files can be unpacked – you need no other software – WinRAR is not required!
· Newsgroups can be grouped by categories for a better overview.
· Comfortable XPAT-Search integrated. Also applicable to a category.
· Comfortable Job-Management integrated.
· Jobs can be marked for downloading immediately or later. They also can be interrupted and resumed. The Job-Queue will be saved automatically!
· Servers can be suspended and resumed by a single click!
· Supports all common decoding-schemes like MIME, UU, base64 and YEnc.
· Possibility of posting your own articles (also with files attached)!
· Header downloads of different newsgroups simultaneously.
· Timeout-Error-Handling available.
· You also can extract from EML/NWS-files stored on your disk.
· Web-Browser integrated (with your own favourites). Useful for integrating your favourite usenet search-engines.

· 30-day trial

Download News File Grabber for Windows

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