Jazler Radio SimplePack

Trial – AMFM Software – Windows

Jazler Radio SimplePack is the best solution for cheap and reliable radio automation software. JazlerRadio is friendly and easy to use. Lots of our clients didn’t even need to see the help files to learn how it works.

JazlerRadio was developed in a way so that the user could easily find and use all the buttons and menus. You can have all the databases, the properties and utilities in one screen without complicated and confusing menus!

Here are some key features of JazlerRadio SimplePack:
· Perfect Music Scheduling
· Databases for songs, commercials, jingles, sweepers, virtual speakers
· Music Packets
· Jingles can be mixed automatically with music making follow-ups
· Music & Jingle Sequence
· “Virtual” speakers present your songs
· Sweepers, jingles can be mixed automatically with music making follow-ups
· Create & Edit Playlists
· Easy and Complete Commercials Management
· Live Shows with instant Jingles
· Full RDS Automation
· Auto Rebroadcast
· It’s Easy! & Friendly
· Work from any LAN-PC
· Security features – User Management
· Personalize & Localize Interface
· Free Utilities
· Import from other playlisters (Powergold, MusicMaster …)
· Database import from other automations
· Change song categories in minutes (mass category change).
· Auto backup

· 30 days trial

Download Jazler Radio SimplePack for Windows

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