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With CyberTV you have access to 882 online television channels from more than 100 countries and 3108 online radio stations from more than 140 countries.

Wit hCyberTV you don’t need a TV Tuner or any additional equipment. All the channels are streamed through your Internet connection.

The image quality and continuity depend of where the signal is produced, in fact, there are many reasons to obtain poor signal quality or not signal at all: high traffic, low resolution streams, even your internet connection.

Some stations may have periods of silence in their programming where news or commercials would normally be. If the counter on your player continues, and you have silence, this is probably what is happening.

Some of the stations may not operate a 24-hour audio feed – some close down at night or operate only for a few hours on certain days, or perhaps only on weekdays.

· 500 MHz Intel Pentium III processor
· 128MB of RAM
· 4 MB hard drive space for installation
· Internet connection
· Full Duplex sound card and speakers
· 65,000-color video display
· For the Radio channels a modem speed of 56Kb/s is required.
· For the broadband TV stations you need a 256 Kb/s connection.
· Real Player
· Windows Media Player

Download CyberTV for Windows

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