Screamer Radio

Freeware – David Zidar – Windows

Screamer Radio is an Internet Radio Player, this means that it will stream audio data to your system via your Internet connection, it does not pick up radio signals from local radio stations and you cannot use Screamer Radio to broadcast your own radio station.

You may however listen to your local radio stations if they support online radio streaming, most stations have a “listen now” button and that’s usually a dead giveaway.

Here are some key features of Screamer Radio:

Major Features
· Freeware
· Simple to handle
· Not bloated!
· Recording of streams

Minor Features
· Unobtrusive (easy to hide)
· Cool Peakmeter
· Can use multiple soundcards
· Auto updating presets

Playback Features
· Shoutcast and Icecast MP3 Streaming
· Icecast OGG Vorbis Streaming
· Windows Media Audio Streaming

Recording Features
· Recording buffer: start recording in the middle and still save the entire song!
· Direct MP3 Audio stream saving, no loss of quality!
· Direct OGG Vorbis stream saving, no loss of quality!
· Or encode OGG Vorbis as MP3 using Lame
· Encode WMA to MP3 using Lame

Download Screamer Radio for Windows

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