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BulletProof FTP Client (BPFTP Client) is a fully automated FTP client, with many advanced features including automatic download resuming, leech mode, FTP search and much more.
BulletProof FTP is perfect for personal and corporate Web designers/masters but also for Music/Software traders.

Here are some key features of BulletProof FTP:
· Download files in any order, from any directory on an FTP site.
· Automatically reconnect and resume from where it left off if the connection is lost, or no data is received for a specified period of time. This works with uploading as well!
· Browse the FTP site from the cache while off line or transferring – this does not open another connection to the FTP server like other FTP clients.
· List hidden files
· Leech mode – on FTP servers that have a specified limit that you can download.
· Bullet Proof FTP can disconnect, reconnect and keep downloading automatically when your download credit runs out.
· Monitor the clipboard, and when an ftp or http (web site) url is copied into it, it can instantly connect to the appropriate site in the background and start transferring.
· Queue files on more than one site for download.
· Proxy/firewall support
· HTTP downloading with support for redirected URLs
· Local file listing with rename/delete/make directory support
· Import site listings from Cute FTP, WS_FTP, and FTP Explorer. With Cute FTP and FTP Explorer, the passwords are also imported.
· Remote mirroring – BPFTP will automatically download new files, resume half-downloaded files, and skip files you already have. You can download entire sites.
· Windows-style file finding ability. ie, enter a wildcard and other details about a file, and BPFTP will search an entire FTP site and download every file that matches.
· Plus everything else you’d expect in an FTP client, and a few things you wouldn’t. And its a very small download, NO extra support files/DLLs needed.

· Pentium II 266 MHz processor or equivalent (Pentium III recommended)
· 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended)
· 100 MB free hard drive space (250 MB free hard drive space recommended)
· High Color display adapter at 800×600 resolution (High Color display adapter at 1024×768 resolution recommended)
· Dial-Up Internet Connection (Broadband Highly Recommended, Cable Modem or DSL)
· Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 (Windows 2000 or XP recommended)
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.0 (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.0 recommended)

· 30 days evaluation period

Download BulletProof FTP Client for Windows

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