Trial – LeapWare – Windows

LeapFTP is an award-winning FTP client application that combines an intuitive interface with one of the most powerful client bases around.

Whether you’re a novice or a WebMaster, LeapFTP has what you need. Queue files from multiple folders for upload and download and nothing will stop your transfer from completing.

Includes a site database, full drag & drop, ability to browse server during transfer, recursive directory delete, anti-idle, site stats, download AND upload resume, and support for many types of firewalls, including SOCKS.

For the advanced user, LeapFTP includes bulk chmod, inline remote file editor (with custom editor definitions), custom menu commands, and a powerful scripting language/DDE for creating automated processes.

Here are some key features of LeapFTP:
· Recursive transfers
· Site database
· Upload/download resume
· Remote file edit and CHMOD
· Drag-and-drop from Windows
· Move remote files
· Scripting language and DDE
· Anti-idle
· Automatic redial of lost connections
· Directory list caching
· Custom command definitions
· Server browse during transfer
· Context-sensitive help
· SOCKS Proxy

· 30-day trial
· Nag screen

Download LeapFTP for Windows

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