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Cute FTP Lite is a an entry-level File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client used to transfer files between your computer and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. It has all of the basic features you need to finish your file transfer task.

When do I need Cute FTP Lite?

Cute FTP Lite is used to transfer files of any size and/or type, including Web pages, multi-media files, or other documents to and from a file transfer server over FTP, the standard for moving files across the Internet. Typical uses include:

  • Upload your web pages to your ISP’s FTP Server for viewing in a web browser.
  • Upload work files to an FTP server.
  • Upload your auction images to an FTP Server.
  • Upload or download multimedia files such as music, images or video files.
  • Download the latest game patches, programs or game demos from participating FTP servers.

How does Cute FTP Lite work?

Cute FTP Home is similar to a web browser. You enter an “FTP” address instead of an “HTTP” address and it transfers files instead of opening them. Additionally, it lets you change filenames and, delete files or folders.

Download Cute FTP Lite for Windows

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