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Shareware – Hacker Email – Windows

Hacker Email is a newsletter and opt-in mailer which sends out personalized emails to your customers or users that have requested info. You can easily plug this application into your customer database in order to automatically mail out weekly and monthly newsletters.
Hacker Email allows you to sent plain text or HTML Newsletters and is also built with Tag Macros so you can personalize your email text.

Here are some key features of Hacker Email:
· In-built Mail Server so you can mail directly without using proxies or relays.
· Automatically resume mailing if your connection is lost. Hacker Email can automatically dial your modem to connect again.
· Excellent email list management tools including the ability to honour removal requests. Split, join lists, remove duplicates, sort etc.
· Ability to personalize your email by placing Macro Tags within the email message and the email will be replaced with these values when the email is sent out.
· Built-in Email List Verifier so that you can verify emails in a list before starting a campaign.
· Ability to save your emails so they can be retrieved for future mailouts.
· If you need to stop emailing to carry out other task on your mailing server, Hacker Email allows you to pause and then later resume your email sending.
· Detailed and live statistics when the emailing is in progress to monitor the progress of you email campaign (number sent, speed, failed emails etc ).

Download Hacker Email for Windows

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