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WorldCast is a two-in-one tool: A full featured bulk emailer and also an email address validator. It detects many of the common invalid addresses that exists on many emailing lists, reporting errors like bad email addresses, time-out operations, etc., providing a detailed log of the entire delivering process.
Features a syntax-oriented editor, mail merge capabilities, attachments, spell-checker, Thesaurus, extensive filtering of the results, HTML editing and preview support, crash recovery, message attachments, etc. Using direct multi-threaded delivery, it ensures 100% usage of your connection capabilities.

WorldCast as a bulk emailer acts like a self-sufficient SMTP relay, sending your customized message straight out to the recipient’s email server.

· A Two-in-One Free Newsletter Software.
WorldCast is a free two-in-one newsletter software: A bulk emailer and also an email address validator.
It’s perfect for individuals or businesses sending out customized e-mail messages to their customers. Perfect for newsletters, business notices, Internet marketing, CRM and other essential information, WorldCast keeps your customers up-to-date with the click of a button. As a bonus, it also detects many of the common bad email addresses that exist on many emailing lists, providing a detailed log of the entire delivering process, and reporting any kind of error – It can even determine up to 90% of “dead” e-mail’s in the address lists before sending, providing detailed and handy logs for each email sent.

· Validate the E-mail List – Save Your Internet Resources!
WorldCast as an email-address validator verifies an entire emailing list, reporting the good and bad email addresses. It connects directly to the recipient’s SMTP server and checks it for you – , without actually sending any message to them. That’s a helpful tool to keep an updated e-mail database of your friends, customers, suppliers, etc., without actually disturbing them, since nothing is sent to the recipients. It helps to decrease Internet traffic, because you can “wash” your mailing list beforehand, avoiding sending undeliverable messages that cause a Ping-Pong of useless messages between SMTP servers. As well as saving your Internet resources, WorldCast helps you to save your money.

· Avoid SMTP Traffic Jams.
WorldCast as a bulk emailer acts like a self-sufficient SMTP relay, sending your customized message straight out to the recipient’s mail server (without using your ISP’s SMTP server – it’s optional). Realizing multithreaded direct delivery, it works several times quicker than most usual email clients. WorldCast avoids the common SMTP traffic jam by completely bypassing the ISP’s mail server and delivering messages directly to their destinations. The program checks for dead email addresses before messages are sent, and it creates detailed logs for each transaction.

· Email Merge: The Path to Customized Messages
WorldCast accepts an unlimited number of projects, importing/exporting recipients (mailing lists) from dBase tables, text and CSV files, as well as address books from Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger and Palm Desktop, providing easy (and extensive) mail-merging features, using all fields of the database – Given a certain emailing list, containing email, name and job, for instance, the software generates a customized email to each recipient.
· Working with huge recipient lists, it imposes no limits to the recipient list size.

· A Safe & Fast Email Program.
WorldCast is very safe software – If, for some reason, your computer hangs in the middle of some processing, it safely recovers it to the state it was before the crash. It’s actually also FAST, since it uses multithreaded connections, maximizing the use of your bandwidth.

· A Full-Featured FREE Software
Included in the WorldCast package is a complete spell checker, helpful wizards, thesaurus, unlimited recipient list length, no need for an SMTP server (it’s optional), advanced mail merging capabilities, email address importing and exporting , a complete syntax-oriented editor, HTML editing and preview support, extensive filtering of the results, crash recovery, message attachments, and more.
Designed to work on all windows platforms, WorldCast is a MUST for discussion list administrators and companies that send catalogues or information to their customers.

· Pentium 90
· 16 Mb RAM

· 30 days trial. Registration is free for non-commercial use.

Download WorldCast for Windows

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