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Yahoo Pal is an add-on program for the popular IM software Yahoo! Messenger. It adds some features and bypasses some limitation imposed by Yahoo! Messenger, and that can make your IM more interesting.
Yahoo! Pal is an invisible program, it will automatically attach to running Yahoo! Messenger and new Yahoo! Messengers you run after Yahoo! Pal, and add menu bar to the Yahoo! Messenger windows. You can also quit it by clicking its menu.

· Allow multiple accounts on the same computer: By default, only one account is allowed to logon on one machine. If you have more than one Yahoo! IM account, it is definitely a problem. With Yahoo! Pal, you can log on all of your Yahoo! IM accounts if you want.

· Automatically reply when you are away: Although you can specify customized status in Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger won’t do auto reply for you when you are away. With Yahoo! Pal, you can specify a customized message as auto reply message, Yahoo! Pal will automatically send it for you when you enable the auto reply function in Yahoo! Pal. You can specify different auto reply messages for different accounts on the same machine.

· Hotkey to hide Yahoo! Messengers windows: To protect your conversations, you can define a hotkey for special function. Once this hotkey is pressed, all existing Yahoo! Windows including the system bar icons will be hidden automatically. If your friend sends IM to you when you already hide Yahoo!, the new IM window won’t pop up. Press the hotkey again, all Yahoo! Windows and system bar icons will appear.

· Send a random quote to your friend: Yahoo! Pal is able to print a random, hopefully interesting, adage or quote. If you used UNIX fortune before, you will have more idea about this function. Yahoo! Pal stores over 16000 quotes and adages. They cover art, computers, cookie, definitions, drugs, education, ethnic, food, fortunes, humorists, kids, law, linuxcookie, literature, love, magic, medicine, men-women, news, people, pets, platitudes, politics, riddles, science, songs-poems, sports, startrek, wisdom, work and miscellaneous. Most of them are inoffensive, and other are offensive. You can send inoffensive or offensive ones to your friend depending on your relationship with your friend.

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