MessengerData WMP Plugin for Yahoo Messenger

Freeware – Hans – Windows

This is a Windows Media Player plugin that sits in the background whenever Windows Media Player is loaded and sets the status message of a logged on user in Yahoo Messenger (if loaded) to the current playing audio/video.

Software requirements:

Whenever a media item is played in WMP, the status text in Yahoo Messenger is updated.

If the media item is audio, the status changes to “Listening : [Artist] – [Song]”

If the media item is video, the status changes to “Watching : [Artist] – [Song]”

The status messages can be customized. The following special variables are supported.
[a] – The artist of the song/video
[t] – The title of the song/video

The newly saved settings comes into effect only when the next media change occurs in Windows Media Player. You can pause and play for the change to occur immediately.
If the status is set to an empty string, the feature is disabled.

When the media item stops, the previous status is restored.

Download MessengerData WMP Plugin for Yahoo Messenger for Windows

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