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HyperIM is a useful software which has two main functions: status manager & answering robot, for use with Yahoo! Messenger.
The status message is customizable and can contain many details: current date/time, song info (title, bitrate, sample rate, duration, ASCII progress bar of the playback, playlist position, playlist length) of the currently playing media. It supports Winamp, BSplayer and foobar2000 (in order of retrievable infos). Statuses can be saved and reused.

Also, an answering robot can automatically reply to messages received. Answers can be saved, and customized to each user ID. You can define distinct answers for those who BUZZ you and even send them random funny antiBuzz messages (those can also be edited in file buzzOff.txt), and even choose to close those conversation windows. Your answers can contain dynamic info about what you are listening/viewing, cuurent date/time, and such.

The program is based on the use of 23 text macros that are replaced inline when they have to output. there are about 10 macros for media player infos, 4 for date and time, another 4 for use with a countdown timer, and one which can be randomly/orderly changed from time to time from a list in a chosen text file.

Here are some key features of HyperYM:
· save all your favorite statuses and use them at any time you want – up to 16 millions saved statuses, not 5 or 10!
· change your status instantly in all your desired IM clients – most popular IM programs supported!
· show what you listen or what movie you watch – many media players supported (!!!)
· leave funny answers (there’s a plugin that does this for Yahoo! Messenger users)
· see and use all hidden emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger on a keystroke (literally).
· format your status and answers with extendable macros: kbps, duration, ASCII progress bar etc.
· format your status and answers with customizable countdown time, current date and time, and/or random/ordered messages taken from text files!
· make use of those nice special Yahoo! Messenger status icons: headphones, webcam, Open Talk!

This package includes the latest HyperIM engine, plus over a dozen selected plugins:
· Status changer plugins for: latest Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 final, 8.0 final or beta, and older, MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger up to 8.0, Google Talk up to latest, Skype 2.0 up to latest Skype
· Media player variables for: Winamp 2.x and 5.x (up to latest 5.30), BSplayer up to latest 2.10, iTunes up to latest, Windows Media Player versions 11, 10 or 9
· Yahoo! Messenger advanced auto-replies, with many options, for YM 6.0 – 8.0
· Time/date/timer plugin to show countdowns/countups, current date, or system uptime
· Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 all 88 hidden emoticons menu chooser (so you don’t have to use some separate app. for this)
· File lines plugin (reads lines of text from up to 4 text files, that you can use in your status randomly, ordered etc.)
· Skinning plugin, and a nice skin

· 1 MB disk space
· 8 MB RAM
· 120 MHz CPU

Download HyperIM for Windows

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