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RealPopup replaces the old winpopup with a full featured freeware utility that remains simple and stable as its predecessor. RealPopup is compatible with system messenger services as well as old win9x and win3x system messaging tools, in other words it’s fully integrated with your LAN environment.
It support many useful features such as hypertexts, options for users and groups, an internal network browser, names auto complete, system tray, balloons and more. RealPopup is available in more than 12 languages for free.

When you’re using your computer, RealPopup stays silently on tray area (usually at lower-right corner, just near the clock). Once you receive a message, a balloon tip pops up and notify the event. you can fully customize this behavior, for example allowing RealPopup to produce balloons for certain people only, as well as immediately pop up the application itself for those important messages.

You can also enable a message preview on the balloon itself, for all or certain people, or for those important messages. Conversely, you can completely ignore specific messages or users groups, eventually saving important messages to a text file.

Beside tons of options useful to customize your favorite messaging tool, RealPopup comes with the unique options set for users and groups: through a dedicated pane, you can associate an options set to specified groups or single workstations and users.

The defined items are browsed by RealPopup, getting options for matching workstations or users. through this powerful pane, you can define rules such as log messages coming from the web server agent, ignore those printer spooler notifications, produce a balloon when Francesco is writing to me but immediately pop up when my boss sends me a message and so on.

It’s also possible to specify keywords associated with the items: RealPopup will match the item if any of the words are found in message body, allowing you to define context based rules. If you want to learn more and get practiced with this feature, read a dedicated discussion with provided examples. RealPopup comes with an extended localized help file with detailed info about all its features, behavior and options.

Not only a local instant messenger
Generally, instant messengers are applications designed to work through the internet: they allow you to communicate with people everywhere, providing an internet connection. RealPopup is designed to communicate with your local network computers; it doesn’t require any network setup and no internet connection, as well as any application server: you just have to install it and begin to communicate.

RealPopup is really fast, because local network communications are not affected by internet slowness. since it is designed to replace the Windows legacy messenger system (Windows messenger service, WinPopup or compatible clients), you’ll receive messages from printer spoolers, SQL Server, Windows Agents and the like, as well as NET SEND commands issued by system administrators and their scripts.

Here are some key features of Realpopup:
· main dialog is similar to the original WinPopup application, with essentials to browse received messages, delete, reply or compose new one, as well as click on links, save, etc.
· customizable fonts
· system wide hotkeys
· integrated network browser
· message composing is supported by automatic links creation, autocomplete names, enhanced drag’n’drop for internet links, windows explorer files, .url references and virtually any text coming from other applications
· when replying, original text is quoted with > prefix and blue colored font, to better and clearly distinguish queries and replies during a conversation
· the ability to send to multiple recipients as well as to ignore threads

Download RealPopup for Windows

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