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Freeware – Alexander Vorozhun – Windows

Intranet Chat is a tool for messaging and chatting in local area networks using Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. A special server is used to allow the program to operate across multiple networks or the Internet.

· Does not requite dedicated server.
For sending messages in this case chat uses Windows MailSlots. It’s enough to have only one protocol installed that is connected to the Microsoft Network. But using this connect type chat works not always good in the multiple networks.

· Ability to work with server using TCP/IP.
Using this connection type chat works good in the multiple networks and even in the Internet. Chat server exists like ordinary application and like service Windows NT/2000. Some time ago version for Linux was produced also.

· Common chat.
This chat is available for all users. Everybody can write message in this chat.

· Private messages.
Possibility to send private message for user, for group of user or for all users. Only selected users will receive this message.

· Private chat.
Possibility to create chat with other user. This chat will be accessible and visible only for these two users.

· Line or channel.
Possibility to create line for discussing or chatting. It’s possible to set name of line and password for joining in it. So only users that know password will be able to join in such line.

· Message board.
Each user can write message that will be displayed from his name on this board when he is in chat.
Filter on received messages.
It’s possible to create different filters on received messages and then enable and use some of them when it’s necessary.

· Quick messages
Possibility to create create list of often used phases and set shortcuts. Then it’s possible easy to insert phases in the message using shortcuts or select them from the menu.

· Online alerts
Possibility to create alert on enter in the chat user with given name or from given computer. When this event will take place one of actions can be performed:
Chat will be shown and will report about this alert.
The typed in this alert message will be sent to the entered user.
The typed in this alert message will be sent to the you.

· Log
Possibility to store messages from common chat and private messages in the files and then see these messages.

· Four modes are supported:
Normal. All messages are received. In this mode when private message or message in private chat is received chat will appear in the top of all applications and show this message.
Don’t disturb on private messages that were sent for all users. This is so-called mass messages. If you don’t want to receive such message you can use this mode.
Full don’t disturb.
I’m away.

For all these modes you can set answer message that will be automatically sent to the sender of message. For normal mode this is a message that will be sent when you enter in the chat.
Also the icon in the systray will be changed in the according with the state of chat. Possibility to set nickname and change it during the chat session.
The chat status can be shown in the separated window like in ICQ.
This ability can be usable for users that like to use automatic hiding option of taskbar. Then it’s possible to see chat state in this window.

Automatic “I’m away mode”
If no key on keyboard will not be pressed or mouse cursor will not be moved during set time chat will switch to the “I’m away mode” automatically. Previous mode will be restored when you will move mouse or press key on the keyboard.

· Two ignore modes.
One is when only private messages from the selected user are ignored. Another is when all messages from selected user are ignored.

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