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BORGChat is the most complete LAN Chat application on the Internet.
Here are some key features of BORGChat:

· #Main chat. This chat is available for all users in every workgroup
· Private chat-Choose someone to chat with in a private chat.
· #Channels. Very similar with main chat .In the near future you will be able to set a password for others to join it.
· Message board .Here you can post a message which will be send to other users even if you exit BORGChat
· Private message (in a window or a balloon) (to user /selected users/all users)
· Send File with pause and bandwidth control
· Send Picture from Clipboard
· Beep user /selected users/all users
· View computers and shares from your network
· Map network drive
· Message on Messenger service/Winpopup program
· More than 80 ANIMATED SMILES and the possibility to add your own
· Html stuff (Bold,Italic,Underline,Insert: IMG,QUOTE,URL,HR)
· Quick messages with key combinations Shift+F1…F12
· Commands /? /help /me /here /clear /nick etc
· 3 Chat modes Here/Busy/Away with customizable messages
· Ignore private messages/ all messages
· Add to block list (message filtration)
· Online Alerts
· User info – (Mem/OS/Cpu/Ip/MacAddress/CompName)
· Chat logs
· Transparent icons when chat is not in front/hidden
· Insert user name by pressing tab
· Multilanguage support –> Curent : English, Romanian, Swedish, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Italian, Bulgarian, Danish, German, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Czech, Dansk, French, Latvian, Portuguese, Urdu, Dutch, Hungarian, Serbian


· Pentium
· 15Mb RAM free

Download BORGChat for Windows

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