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NoNameScript was built because we were sick of lame scripts which have an advert in every message or are too overloaded with millions of popups and mostly useless and annoying tools like nukers or other war stuff. We don’t like these kiddie scripts.
We focus on really useful stuff. We hate away messages that have 50 colors in them and appear every 10 minutes or stuff like that. However, if you like playing online games like Quake III Arena, you will love it. For an example, one of your friends pastes an IP address into a private window, and you would like to connect to that server. With NoNameScript, you can simply double-click on the IP and select the game you want to start, or retrieve server information like active players/map/ping/server name first. Of course, this works with Half-Life/CounterStrike/Quake II/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Unreal and Unreal Tournament, too, and will be updated for future games.

IMPORTANT: Read the installation instructions! If you attempt to install the script without reading the instructions provided in the installer, you will probably fail! For the best performance, always check if you have the latest version of both mIRC and NoNameScript!

Here are some key features of NoNameScript:
· fully customizable channel
· personal protections
· away system
· many designs to choose from
· a very extensive Q/L channel & personal control
· system and script statistics
· a MP3 player
· customizable balloon tips

· mIRC

Download NoNameScript for Windows

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