mIRC Power Pack

Freeware – [SoD]Sgt-D – Windows

mIRC Power Pack (MPP) is a powerful script for mIRC created specifically for gamers. It includes five different game browsers, allowing you to pick the tool that you like best.
MPP’s Connection Manager is one of the very best, allowing you to connect to multiple IRC networks (30 total) using different nicknames, email addresses and userid’s for each connection, unlimited perform sections for each connection, and it includes ETG VHost, GameSurge AuthServ and Protium/Dalnet NickServ login managers.

You can even store your MPP settings in an unlimited number of User Profiles. It includes automatic DCC Allow Management for ETG, completely automatic channel password memorization, full graphical controls for File Servers and File Server Browsing, and personal/channel protection controls.

It includes 3 Control Panels (F1 thru F3) offering over 105 shortcuts to different mIRC and Windows tools, including 14 different benchmark utilities. MPP now also includes fully integrated webcam support.

Here are some key features of mIRC Power Pack:
· Multi-Server Connection Setup
· Multi-Server Away System
· MPP Auto-Update/Manual-Update
· 3 Control Panels
· Online/Offline status in Query
· Nicklist – Individual Nickname Colors
· Whois on Query/DCC Chat
· Teamspeak2 Server Integration
· ability to Import/Export MPP User Profiles
· webcam support for mIRC Power Pack (ByteCam 2.4)
· Fullscreen Script & DLL

Download mIRC Power Pack for Windows

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