Trial – DKware Software – Windows

DKMessenger is a peer-to-peer, messenger application with video phone, audio, text chat, file sharing and much, much more! DKMessenger allows real-time communications with one or more of your friends.

If you have a microphone and a camera hooked up to your PC, you can create a video conference! If no microphone is available, Text to Speech (TTS) synthesis speaks the messenger text typed by your buddies.

Here are some key features of DKMessenger:
· DKMessenger AppExchange and Whiteboard
· Peer-to-Peer Communications.
· Multi-user Videoconferencing.
· Groups.
· Message Encryption.

· 64 MB of RAM
· 20 MB available disk space

· 30 days trial
· Limited to 5 users for the evaluation period

Download DKMessenger for Windows

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