Super Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder

Trial – Piravi – Windows

Super Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is a useful program that allows you to save other’s conversations in a text or HTML format without their password.
Decode and view Yahoo! Messenger’s message archive that is stored on your computer. Normally, you need to log in first before you can view the message archive. Use this program to view not only yours, but also other’s conversations, while offline, without their password.

Same like yahoo message archive viewer but no need password. This program can decode conversations like Instant Messages, Mobile Messages and Conferences. Batch decoding of entire archive directory is also available. Supports fonts and smilies.

The whole archive or selected conversations can be exported to HTML format. Decoding is faster than the yahoo messenger. Additionally you can even enable archiving for others without their password.

· Decods 30 conversations

Download Super Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder for Windows

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