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The WinWAP Browser is a powerful companion for any mobile device. While giving the user a truly mobile browsing experience it includes all the specific technologies Telecom Carriers need for their content revenue generation.

The WinWAP Browser has since the first release in 1999 always been designed to provide the best possible user experience while utilizing the best each device has to offer.

The lower level transport protocols are extremely mature and interoperable with all the GSM based carrier services. WinWAP is a perfect companion for modern devices with telephony or other networking capabilities regardless whether it’s a phone, GPS navigator or other stationary or mobile device that needs browsing capabilities.

The different layers of the browser work independently and can be shared with other applications, like the WinWAP MMS Client, to save RAM on your device.

Feature Set

  • HTTP(S) transport and download
  • WSP/WTP/WTLS transport and download
  • Support for any screen size
  • “Drag to scroll” technology for touch screens
  • History of visited pages
  • Support for cookies
  • Support for file caching
  • WAP push
  • Homepage | Stop | Refresh | Favorites | Add URL | View & Save Image
  • Download media files to predefined locations
  • Pre-populated favorites in a menu


  • SSL 3.0
  • TLS 1.0

Supported Content Types

  • xHTML Mobile Profile 1.2
  • xHTML 1.1
  • WML 2.0
  • HTML 4.01
  • CSS (WAP CSS, CSS 2.1)

Optional Integration Customization

  • Dialer, pause on incoming call and dial a phone number
  • Email, send message to email address from a web page
  • Picture viewer, download and save new image files
  • Download and save new ring tones

Download WinWAP Browser for Windows

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