Freeware – Flock – Windows

The Social Web Browser – is built on Mozilla’s Firefox codebase. Building on Flock’s award winning 1.0 release, Flock easily integrates your favorite social services including; Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, etc.
When you log-in to any of the 15 supported social services, Flock asks if you’d like to remember the account making it easy to integrate with all of your favorite services at once when you use Flock.

With all of your favorite services connected, Flock lets you know when your friends have uploaded photos or published items you care about. Flock is loved by many for it’s ability to allow easy media sharing via drag and drop, easy photo uploading, and a built-in blog editor for easy posting from anywhere on the web.

Flock is also a secure and spyware free internet browser that will make it easier to connect with your online buddies.

Here are some key features of Flock:
· The Blog Manager
· The Flickr Topbar
· RSS integration
· Favorites with delicious integration
· The Shelf
· History Search

Download Flock for Windows

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