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As they are used over long periods of time, most computers accumulate large numbers of temporary, duplicate, and obsolete files and folders. These are often difficult to find using normal means, yet at the same time can waste gigabytes of space. SizeMeNow helps you easily find and visualize how your disk space is used, measure folder sizes, and clean up or re-organize your files. You can move the mouse over each point to show a tooltip with more information.

SizeMeNow allows you to easily and effortlessly explore and visualize your disk space usage and folder sizes, as well as quickly identify and remove temporary, duplicate, and other unneeded files, freeing up gigabytes of space in minutes. This is achieved by providing a multitude of reports broken down in a number of ways, as well as by generating clear and concise chart representations of the above.

The Professional edition of SizeMeNow contains several major features which are not present in the Personal version. These include the ability to generate HTML, XML, CSV, and plain-text reports, command-line operation, as well as scheduling automatic drive and folder scanning.

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