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Risingware Exp+ breaks new ground by integrating some ultimate software into one which includes Exp+ File Manager, Exp+ Web Browser, and Exp+ Basic Toolbox containing a set of utilities. This groundbreaking combination tidies up your desktop, and eases all the work ever since!
To boost the efficiency, it bases on a multi-tabbed and dual-window environment. By Installing the Risingware Exp+, you own lots of handy tools at once, such as Image Previewer, File Content Previewer, and File Compression Tool in Exp+ File Manager, and Fast Start Genie, Boss Key, Window Transparency Tool and Windows Shutdown Tool in Exp+ Basic Toolbox.In addition, based on a unique multi-thread and multi-process design, Exp+ Web Browser is more stable and much faster.

This edition includes free 60-day evaluation period of Professional Edition.

Dual Window:
· To be multi-tasking, it’s essential. So many tricks can be done when dual window is on.
· Use hotkey to change window proportion.

· Exp+ allows you to open multiple tabs, no matter folder tabs or web pages.
· Tabs can be moved freely between windows.
· Drag & drop subfolders to the tab bar to open them

· You can not only set related folders and web pages as a group, but also send files to a group.
· While setting, you can config any tab as auto-locked, or a web page as auto-refreshed with preferable frequency.

Smart Use of Mouse:
· Making good use of dual-window mode, you can right-click or left-click to open folder, favorite, or group to the left or right window.

Floating Navigation Window:
· Includes some tabs, such as “Desktop”, “Favorites”, and “Backup Files Previewer”.
· Backup Files Previewer allows you to preview the content of file before restore it.
· Special floating design grants you the best flexibility.

Customize Toolbars:
· Command Bar
· Function Key Bar
· Auto-detect whether folder tab or web page a tab is, then display corresponding Function Key Bar.
Search Toolbars:
· Right-click to switch between “File Search Toolbar” and “Web Search Toolbar”.

Multi-Language Pack:
· The Language pack of Exp+ is extensible. Currently, It includes 8 languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.
· In Exp+, you can configure the UI language to any other available language.

Exp+ Start Page:
· Including three parts: “My Computer”, “Groups” and “Last Unclosed Tabs”. Each part contains a link list, each link represents a shortcut for you.

Powerful File Compressor:
· Support Unicode
· Exp+ can handle non-English file names, thus, file exchange won’t be troublesome at all.
· You can extract compressed files of ZIP, RAR, or JAR format.

Move and Copy Files:
· Based on dual-window mode, moving files or copying files becomes the easiest job ever. By using hotkey, files can be moved or copied between windows in a blink.

Floating Buttons:
· For Folder
· You can rapidly open folder by clicking on Floating Buttons Bar at Type column.
· For File
· A floating button of File Content Previewer at Type column offers another access to preview a file content.

Image Previewer:
· Whenever the cursor is moved onto an icon of image file, the image will be instantly shown in a floating auto-size window. This is for you to rapidly scan through a large number of image files.

Add Your Own Search Engines:
· You can add a new search engine to search engine list of your own. Whenever a search job is executed, search engines will be activated at the same time.

Drag and Drop a Link:
· Whenever you want to open a link in a web page, simply drag and drop to the window you prefer.

Web Page e-Mailer:
· Instantly e-mail any web page to a friend along with message.

One-time setting of SMTP:
· Simply setup server address (e.g. smtp.gmail.com), account and password etc.

Fast Start Genie:
By using this universal shortcut manager, It’s very simple to start any Windows app. Just do one of the following:
· Use configurable hotkey
· Click on self-defined Fast Start Bar button
· Type self-defined alias

Quick Shutdown Tool:
· This tool is the greatest alternative of Windows commands, include Shutdown, Hibernate, Log off, Restart, and Standby.

Boss Key:
· Wherever you are, you are as free as at home. When someone approaches you, keystrokes help you to disguise.

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