BioniX Wallpaper Changer

Shareware – BioniX Wallpaper – Windows

BioniX Wallpaper Changer can cycle your desktop wallpaper/background at any chosen time interval, from 1 second to 60 hours. Our wallpaper manager offers a set of features that no other concurrent wallpaper manager can offer.

Here are some key features of BioniX Wallpaper:
· realy low memory usage (1-3MB of your system memory. See Note*)
· very small size
· very low CPU usage
· embbeded screen saver
· playlist editor
· drag and drop from outside (from Windows) into application
· you can drag and drop a playlist over BioniX Wallpaper icon (e.g. the Desktop icon) and BioniX will start with that playlist
· can skip invalid file (that don’t exist any more on HDD) in playlist. Also you can automatically clear all invalid files from your playlist.
· can turn back at a previous wallpaper (use the ‘Back’ button on main interface)
· skinable. You can download new skins, or you can create your own skins in just 3 minutes.
· it can automatically turn off the Active Desktop (Windows 98)
· support more then 10000 files in playlist. While other wallpaper changers freeze trying to load huge playlists, BioniX will work without problems.
· if user double click a file with the ‘BIO’ extension (this is the extension for playlist file), BioniX will start & load that playlist
· it is clean: it don’t modify your Windows configuration, it doesn’t install no single file in your Windows/system, it don’t install spyware or other companion software (like DivX for example), it don’t mess your registry. Because this, BioniX doesn’t need installer/uninstaller.
· easy to use (good for beginner users but also for advanced users)
· support for BMP, JPG, JPEG, JFIF; GIF, EMF, WMF, ICO (soon will be supported more types)
· time resolution: 1sec
· time interval: 1sec to few days
· time elapse gauge
· very COOL time editor
· incredible fast algorithm for displaying image/refreshing desktop. BioniX is designed to work on any computer with a CPU grater than 386 and under any Windows version grater than Windows 3.1. Because old computers are so slow we worked hard and improoved the algorythm for changing the desktop.
· produce very low flicker when changing desktop image
· fast application loading
· can automatically start itself at Windows start up
· CPU utilization: 0.01% when idle
· support playlist in ‘continuous’ and ‘random/shuffle’ mode
· can tile/stretch/center an image
· can “smart stretch” big images
· can be minimized to system tray
· can be ‘closed’ to system tray
· user can choose the placement of the icon (system tray / task bar)
· interface can be transparent
· skinable: 3 integrated skins
· posibility to load more external skins. Many amazing skins available for download: Mac, Windows, Linux, futuristic, etc
· it doesn’t mess your system/registry with dirt: no need for you to install System updates, Service Packs, last version of Internet Explorer, DLLs, VBRun, MFC, VXD, OCX and other craps. Just duble click and it will run.
· it dosn’t mess your system/registry with dirt: no need for installer/uninstaller. Just duble click and it will run.
· it dosn’t mess your system/registry with dirt: all setting are keeped in a local file NOT in Windows registry.
· So, if you just delete the application, no trace/garbage will be left behind in your system.
· it doesn’t care what version of Windows you have (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Longhorn and possible the future version). Just duble click and it will run.
· it doesn’t need the last computer/hardware on the market: it can run on every computer bigger than 386 with 32MB RAM
· it is SMART: it won’t let you to mistake: to delete files, to take the steps in the wrong order, to close without to save your work, settings…
· very easy to use and ‘install’ (to ‘install’ just download the pack it over the Internet, unzip and run)
· now an Installer is available on the web site for download for those who don’t have ‘unzip’ on their computer)
· advanced settings and behavior control: the user can control the program’s behavior through an advanced (but very easy to use) settings interface
· it ca remember user’s settings (like position on screen, last tab used, checkboxs state, last skin)

Download BioniX Wallpaper Changer for Windows

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