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ViStart dramatically decreases the time taken to search for programs by indexing your program shortcuts. Then you can simply type part of the program into the start menu and ViStart will “instantly” find it.

ViStart not only indexes programs but also files as well. Just type the file you are looking for and in miliseconds ViStart will return results (Up to 4 times faster then the orignal Vista start menu!).

Microsoft Vista skin

ViStart includes a skin that looks exactly like the Windows Vista’s start menu and it also supports 3rd party skins. A wide range of skins made by ViStart fans are available through deviantart.

Fading Menu Icons

As you roll over each option on the menu ViStart will blend each option just like Vista’s icons.

Multilanguage support

ViStart supports natively English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Dutch.

Download ViStart for Windows

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