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3D Fish School Screensaver gives users a beautiful fish screensaver that was made for fish lovers. 3D Fish School Screen Saver lets you relax after daylong work. Are you fish lover but still cannot afford to have an aquarium? Well at least now, you can turn your computer desktop into an incredible 3D underwater world.
You watch shoals of near-realistic 3D fishes, which swim among bubbles within beautiful underwater backgrounds. Every time you start the screensaver it is completely different, all the fishes and bubbles are calculated every time, you never have to watch the same screen saver twice!

You can set the number of fishes or bubbles and the theme of underwater background with very soothing underwater effects. This screen saver allows you to change your screen resolution to get maximum quality and performance of virtual aquarium.

3D Aquarium Fish Screensaver features schools up to 100 Salt-water or Fresh-water fish swimming among bubbles within beautiful Underwater Backgrounds at the same time. Virtual Aquarium Screensaver allows you to choose among 3 beautiful Salt-water Fish Tanks, 3 Fresh-water Aquariums or you can turn them into sea bottom. Underwater Screen Saver displays the Digital clock with time in a 12/24-hour format and calendar. Enjoy the bubbles sound or waves sound this Fish Screen Saver emits.

This Tropical Fish Screensaver allows you to choose from 5 salt-water fishes or 5 fresh-water fishes. You can set the number of fishes or bubbles, customize as fish swim their way around and change the underwater background with very soothing underwater effects. If you have multi-monitors, you can display 3D Aquarium Screensaver on them via settings of your virtual desktop.

Here are some key features of 3D Fish School screensaver:
· Up to 100 Tropical Fish can swim in the Virtual Aquarium at the same time
· 5 Salt-water Fish + Planktons + Starfish
· 5 Fresh-water Fish
· 3 Salt-water Aquarium with coral reef or sea bottom
· 3 Fresh-water Fish Tanks with underwater plants.
· Digital clock with time in a 12/24-hour format and calendar
· Quite Realistic Underwater Effects
· The Relaxing waves sound or bubbles sound

· OpenGL 1.1 or higher
· Processor Pentium 166 (recommended: Processor Pentium II 300)
· Memory of 32 Mb RAM
· 2 Mb free disk space
· Video 3-D accelerator with 4Mb of RAM (recommended: video 3-D accelerator with 8Mb of RAM)
· Stereo sound card (recommended)

· 6 fishes and 2 underwater backgrounds

Download 3D Fish School for Windows

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