File reOrganizer

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File reOrganizer is a tool that has been developed with the idea of mp3 files that have been aquired over time and organizing them into folders for better organization, you can organize files two different ways. First, by reading the ID3v1 tag information off of the mp3 itself, or by using a specifically assigned delimiter, such as a hyphen (-).

Here is an example of what File reOrganizer will do: In our example we will have our delimiter set to hyphen (-).

Here is our root folder:

After we run File reOrganizer in this folder we would end up with the following directory structure:

File reOrganizer has moved each of the files into their own folder based on the artist in the filename. Thats how it works!

You can easily reverse any organization that you have done with File reOrganizer by pointing to the root folder and selecting the ‘Unorganize’ option.

Download File reOrganizer for Windows

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