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Executable File Icons Changer – the tool that allows you by means of only several mouse clicks to replace a lot of icons of separate program with those you do like. Exe Icon Changer is a very useful icon utility.

The program is settled for Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP and allows to change icons of the Executable File, Dll File, and other registered executable file types.

Using Executable File Icons Changer, you can easily shift one or a couple of icons or even all icons . You can change the icons of separate program into your favorite ones easily. If you are accustomed to use exploitative program ,such as Flash, Visual Foxpro, Authorware etc, Executable File.

Here are some key features of Exe Icon Changer:
· Replace all kinds of executable Icons and permit to take place of any icons in different sizes. The substitute Icons can be choosen from Icon files or other executable files.
· Find one Icon or all of them from the executable files and save them with Icon type (*.ico) or Bitmap type (*.bmp).
· Substitute the separate icon for the folder icon.
· Substitute the separate icon for the driver icon.
· The functions of backup and restoring icon.
· Every day Tips.
· Shortcut.
· Drag and Drop.
· Delete bugs of not pe format file.
· Add Link Method.
· New icons.
· More easy to use.
· New help documents.

· Nag screen
· You are limited to 15 days or 20 uses

Download Exe Icon Changer for Windows

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